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The Paris Plan:

1. Create every day.

2. There is Paris outside your window.

3. Listen. (No earbuds!)

4. Exercise.

5. Eat.

6. Don't freak if you gain 5 lbs.

7. Speak French daily.

8. Don't buy into the fantasy.

9. Don't forget the men.

10. Leave the city sometimes.

11. Know your numbers.

12. Read lit about Paris.

13. Wear the right shoes.

14. Embrace the unexpected.

15. Sometimes forget the rules.

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More Lovin' from ESPO

Artist Stephen Powers' "Love Letter to Brooklyn" isn't the only love he's spreading around in downtown BK. These two other buildings are also just as eye-popping. I dig that the sign in the top photo is actually supposed to be related to the pizza place below it (those red circles in "YOU" are, um, slices of pepperoni)--read about the debacle here.