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More Lovin' from ESPO

Artist Stephen Powers' "Love Letter to Brooklyn" isn't the only love he's spreading around in downtown BK. These two other buildings are also just as eye-popping. I dig that the sign in the top photo is actually supposed to be related to the pizza place below it (those red circles in "YOU" are, um, slices of pepperoni)--read about the debacle here.


"Love Letter to Brooklyn" from Stephen Powers

When you're a word nerd like me, there's something breathtaking about emerging from the subway and suddenly being surrounded by this project by artist and sign painter Stephen Powers (tag name: ESPO). Powers' painted text wraps around a parking garage outside the Macy's in downtown Brooklyn, and you just can't help but walk around it with wide eyes and a big dorky smile on your face. (Or, at least, I can't.)

According to this interview by WNYC, the piece was "largely inspired by conversations he and his team of a dozen painters had with people passing by the parking garage." If you're in the area, get down to Hoyt and Livingston and really take a long walk around it...in addition to the words, it has this interesting theme of painted hands. You can also see nearby details that may have inspired the shape of the text--the small black-and-white entrance sign to the parking garage, for example, or the 99-cent stores that surround the garage.

For the record, I would totally let this guy go nuts on the walls in my apartment. Beyond awesome.