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Seeing Green


More Lovin' from ESPO

Artist Stephen Powers' "Love Letter to Brooklyn" isn't the only love he's spreading around in downtown BK. These two other buildings are also just as eye-popping. I dig that the sign in the top photo is actually supposed to be related to the pizza place below it (those red circles in "YOU" are, um, slices of pepperoni)--read about the debacle here.


Summer, Summer, Summertime

So glad it's here. Just keeps getting better and better.


2 Things that Make a Sweaty Day Tolerable

Cold lemonade from Brooklyn Soda Works at the Brooklyn Flea and Kristin's homemade mint chocolate-chip ice cream. Both worth the venture out into this suddenly summery, two-shower, sunburned-neck kind of Saturday.


Texture/Pattern/Color in Brooklyn

Just noticing.


Completely True Tales from the World's Largest Rainbow Parade

Yesterday, 179 people in Brooklyn got CMYK-d out and marched across the Brooklyn Bridge in the “Largest Rainbow Parade” ever. And yesterday, 179 of us officially became world-record holders.

That means you are reading a very important blog right now. So, you're welcome for that.

Encouraged by my childhood friend Carolyn (who came dressed in glorious golden yellow) and marching alongside my adulthood friend Jenna and her two daughters (who were coincidentally wearing red like me, so we got to break the record together in rouges and raspberries), I became part of the weirdest, coolest, fruitiest project ever. And dang don't I like me some weird and fruity.

The parade was organized by the always-adorable Brooklyn designer Jessi Arrington--a self-professed color freak (I mean, check out her blog) who simply wanted everyone to gather in a colorful way for her birthday. So we did. And now we're all winners.

The best part? It created the most energizing sense of community--at one point, we were all even cheering for each other as we switched up our color orders during the march. Like maniacs. Cheering for Grreeeen! Good job, Bluuuuue! Nice one, Oraaaaange!*

(*We did like those Orange folks; Jenna, dressed in mostly reds but also sporting a few questionably orangey hues, declared herself more of an "ombre," so we figured we'd walk at the end of the red spectrum near Orange.) (Way to go, Reddddddd-ish Orange!)

I still can't quite get over it all. And I am sure the folks who encountered us while walking or driving on the bridge can't either. Take a look at a few articles about it here and here. UPDATE: Also here. (Can you spot me?)


Jessi's skirt. Too cute.