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Photos I Almost Forgot: La Promenade Plantée in Paris

Can't believe I almost overlooked these pics! Back in May, Paris' Promenade plantée (also called the "Coulée verte") was bursting at the seams. The elevated park--built in 1993 on an old, unused railway--reminded me a lot of NYC's Highline. I really dig a smart urban greenway like this, especially when it's heavy with roses juuuuuust after they've hit that spot where they're big and bloomy and juuuuuust before they're about to depart for the season. It's slightly dramatic, slightly sad, and completely dreamy, all at once.


Want me to push?

I am not sure how it's possible, but as soon as I got home from the breathtaking art installation "the event of a thread" by artist Ann Hamilton, every New Yorker I'm friends with on Facebook popped photos of the show on my timeline. (And we'd all somehow missed each other by minutes!)

If you haven't seen a billion photos on FB yet, here are a few of mine, taken today with my always-fun friend Kristin. I won't go into the details of the exhibition's concept -- hopefully the pics do it a little justice, and if not, you can read about it here. All I'll really say is that it was super smart and really inspiring. But there's only one more day left to see it in person, so if you're a city dweller, definitely get thee to the Park Avenue Armory on Sunday. Just be sure to buy tickets first -- it'll let you skip the long lines that snake way around the building. Because, hey, it's a bunch of swings moving a giant curtain up and down in a big room, y'all. Everybody wants in on that action.

Ann Hamilton's "the event of a thread," Park Avenue Armory, 643 Park Avenue between 66th and 67th Streets, through January 6.


Rooting for the Home Team

So anyway my friend and also coworker Kruti Joshi is a genius.

A couple of weeks ago, on her way to a ballgame featuring the suddenly awesome New York Knicks, Kru wanted to show the team and now-superstar Jeremy Lin some support, but in a totally cooler, non-pun-ny way. (I mean, how many "Lin It To Win It"s can we have? Stop the insanity. And the Linsanity.) (Bleh. That choked me coming out.)

By sticking to the basics—the number 17 on Lin's jersey, the Knicks' iconic orange and blue colors—Kruti whipped up a super-fun banner for the game. Afterward, she posted it to her Facebook wall...and the crowd went nuts. So much so, that Kruti immediately set up shop on Etsy and is now selling must-have-'em men's tees. Women's are soon to come. Get yours here.

God bless good design. #Linspiration #D'oh!


Dear Winter,

You might be pretty, but you can suck it.


New York City



A Growing Collection

I am constantly on a scavenger hunt through the city looking for posters with moustache graffitti (and I am especially enamored with the person who writes "moustache" on unsuspecting upper lips. So clever! So artsy!). But at this point, I am realizing that I am probably getting more excited than a grown woman should when I discover a fabulous act of vandalism.

But come on. "Moustache" for a moustache? DELISH.


Obligatory snowy-day photos

Get 'em while they're hot. Or cold. Or whatever. Just get 'em.

See a few more snowy pics on my Flickr page.