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Rooting for the Home Team

So anyway my friend and also coworker Kruti Joshi is a genius.

A couple of weeks ago, on her way to a ballgame featuring the suddenly awesome New York Knicks, Kru wanted to show the team and now-superstar Jeremy Lin some support, but in a totally cooler, non-pun-ny way. (I mean, how many "Lin It To Win It"s can we have? Stop the insanity. And the Linsanity.) (Bleh. That choked me coming out.)

By sticking to the basics—the number 17 on Lin's jersey, the Knicks' iconic orange and blue colors—Kruti whipped up a super-fun banner for the game. Afterward, she posted it to her Facebook wall...and the crowd went nuts. So much so, that Kruti immediately set up shop on Etsy and is now selling must-have-'em men's tees. Women's are soon to come. Get yours here.

God bless good design. #Linspiration #D'oh!