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Cute Alert: The Homes of Copenhagen 

Over the last week, I learned that nobody does "cute" better than Copenhagen. Nooooooooobody.

I spent three days in the city on a trip I planned back in February with my friend Lin. (My travel companion to China a few years ago. We pick 'em well, don't we?)

Most of our visit, we just walked around, talked, people-watched, ate too much, and spent money, whether we wanted to or not--because lawd have mercy, Copenhagen is expensive. EXPENSIVE. But we also found that it is these things, too: quaint, clean, very friendly, safe with the hint of an edge, uber bicycle-y, super food-y, and really well font-ed. (As in, holy adorable branding on every store. What graphic designer got her hands on this place, and when can I hire her?)

Unsurprisingly, the homes in the city only add to its charm. Take a look at some of the sweet places we spotted while we were out and about.

Okay, I fudged that last one--it's actually Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, just outside of Copenhagen. Trivia for my fellow literature dorks: it served as inspiration for the castle in Shakespeare's "Hamlet." (I know!)

The Paris Plan - Achieved Today: Rules #4 and 10.


13 Shakespeare¬†Posters

I spent the past weekend hanging with my lovely aunt Karen, who is super-interesting for many reasons. One of those is the fact that, ever since I've known her, she has been working to see staged performances of every single play written by William Shakespeare. (And if you know anything about Shakespeare, you know that he wrote 37 of them--give or take--and that not all of them are performed that often, particularly the histories.)

I just love this little tidbit about her--and she's only got 11 more to go (an amazing feat!). Are you working your way through anything fun? Lemme know--I am always looking for great lists to tackle...

Othello (two-sided poster) for the Denver Center Theater Company

Much Ado About Nothing by Jen Hamilton

Set of Shakespeare Posters by Yann Legendre

Shakespeare in the Park poster (2003) by Pentagram

Shakespeare in the Park poster (2008) by Pentagram

Macbeth by Alex Leonard Design

The Winter's Tale by Kyra Porada Design

The Tempest by Bill Martin

Here's a 14th! Found it recently from Obvious State:

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