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5 Design Stores You Must Visit in Copenhagen

During my trip to Copenhagen with my girlfriend Lin, I swear to you, every time we headed out the door, I had to prep myself for the overwhelming design-store coolness that would instantly appear on its cobblestone streets.

Here was a typical conversation I had with myself:

"Calm down, lady. You can do this. You do not have to buy everything you see. Just appreciate things and move on. Maybe take some photos, maybe not. Keep the credit card secure at all times. If you start to tear up because you are surrounded by such bonkers-awesome home design, just hold it back. No design crying in Denmark! You will look ridiculous! You will scare Lin! Keep it together, Feezor!"

In short, everything I've ever pinned on Pinterest ever, everything I've ever included in a roundup for Herman Miller or mom.me, basically came to life in Copenhagen. Here are the places that made me the most overly and inappropriately emotional.

1. Normann Copenhagen. Normann was the first store I just had to see when we got to the city--I feel like I've written and daydreamed about it more than any other place in Copenhagen. It's a bit out of the city center, so plan accordingly! Østerbrogade 70, 2100 Copenhagen

2. HAY. Oh heavens. Such clean and modern and beautiful design. HAY makes everything from pillows to notebooks to brooms yes brooms look better. (Their store, in the city center, is pictured above.) Østergade 61, 1100 Copenhagen

3. Illums Bolighus. Just the typing of this store name makes me catch my breath. (This is not a joke. I almost turned around and walked back out when I first witnessed it. IT IS TOO MUCH FOR ME. HERE IS WHERE I MAY CRY.) Everything you need is in this shop. Everything. If you only have 24 hours in Copenhagen, this is your design store. 10 Amagertorv, 1160 Copenhagen

4. Tiger. Tiger is apparently all over Europe, but I wanted to include it here because the Denmark store was cheery and well priced. It reminded me of a mini IKEA, sans furniture and with more food options. Rådhuspladsen 59, 3.tv, 1550 Copenhagen

5. Sogreni of Copenhagen. Sogreni isn't a design shop per se, but it is a design-y bicycle shop. The perfect Copenhagen souvenir is here: one of their pitch-perfect, super-chic bike bells. Get the brass version--the owner told me it has the clearest tone. Sankt Peders Streage 30A, 1453 Copenhagen

The Paris Plan - Achieved Today: Rule #10.


Monday's Pick: "The Perfect Setup" Print by Jamie Latendresse

— Jamie. He's so smart. —


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Tuesday's Pick: AOTBE Candlesticks

— Brass, Titanium, and Aluminum. And Awesome. —


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Smart Ways to Wake Up the Wall 

Don't you dig it when someone hangs up something that isn't just a painting or a print?

Check out a few pieces that have inspired me recently. These top two photos are from the Boat House bar that I mentioned last week (old pennants and badges in frames--always a fan). The third pic of lace in a glass frame is from my boy Danny Seo's cottage (would be amazing to frame my great-great-grandmother's lace like this--Mom, take note!). And lastly, the necklace of hotel soaps is another Seo stroke of genius (it's also featured his new book Upcycling). It was hanging in the guest bathroom in his main house. Is there anything cuter?


Typographic-ky Movie & TV Posters by Jerod Gibson

Y-E-S. I was instantly drawn to these film and TV posters from artist Jerod Gibson when I recently spied them over at Society6. And that is not just because they look great--my feelings, admittedly, are largely driven by the fact that he clearly did not create art for Episodes 1 - 3 of Star Wars in his series (which he's calling "37 Posters.")

And that, my friends, is the mark of a true artist.

He's got loads more. How many of the movies/TV shows can you name below?

(Pssst: If you need a hint, check here.)

P.S. Take a peek at an interview I did over at Felt & Wire this week about my feelings on the future of paper and why Brooklyn is more bad-ass than Manhattan. Here's part one and part two.

I know. I'm completely famous.

Happy long weekend, y'all!

Image source: society6.com


5 Shops to Bookmark Immediately

1. Analogue Life

Contemporary Japanese housewares a-go-go. Very pretty stuff.

2. Farmer's Table

More proof that Japan is always rad: Lovely kitchenwares offered by a Tokyo-based shop.

3. Dunes and Duchess

I really like the crazy-cool ceramic bodies of these candelabras and lamp bases.

4. Invite.L

Old-school-ish stationery, chic little pouch-y things, and other kinds of coolness that we all dig.

5. Indie Cases

New designs for iPhone 4 cases debut each week on this smart site. Check it.


Image sources, clockwise starting top left: Dunes and Duchess; Indie Cases; Analogue Life; Analogue Life; Invite.L; Farmer's Table