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Can't Stop, Won't Stop

With all due respect to the West 4th subway station (where I've found gems like these), the Delancey Street/ Essex stop on the Lower East Side always seems to entertain me with its cheerful little notes and made-you-look graffiti.

I've eyeballed this particular one for a long time, and it used to have the "St" intact on the "street" portion of the sign with the words "Can't Stop, Won't Stop" scribbled beneath it (a nod to the Junior-Senior song). The first time I saw it, I was bummed not to have my big mama camera on me so I could snap a decent pic. And when I encountered it on the downtown platform again last night, I saw that--as all graffiti does in the city--as all EVERYTHING does in this city--it had since been tweaked and changed.

I may not have gotten an amazing photo of it. And yes, it now just reads "Dance reet" (meh). Nevertheless, it still made me smile to think that I was on Dance Street. Because I won't lie: I would TOTALLY live there.


A Growing Collection

I am constantly on a scavenger hunt through the city looking for posters with moustache graffitti (and I am especially enamored with the person who writes "moustache" on unsuspecting upper lips. So clever! So artsy!). But at this point, I am realizing that I am probably getting more excited than a grown woman should when I discover a fabulous act of vandalism.

But come on. "Moustache" for a moustache? DELISH.