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A Sunday stroll at Clignancourt

My wider-angle lens might be down, but that didn't keep me from slapping on my slightly-less-user-friendly-but-still-very-pretty 50mm and sneaking around taking pics through the Marché aux Puces St.-Ouen de Clignancourt yesterday. The flea market is the world's largest, full of winding alleyways, hidden gems, and stall after stall of "man, I wish I could afford to ship that home" kind of stuff. During my time here, I'll be hitting lots of the city's fleas and yard sales, but I can already tell I'll be back several more times to this particular "puce."

Most of my visit was spent simply wandering around and breathing it all in. And my favorite part had nothing to do with anything I did or did not buy. Around noontime, several of the vendors casually started placing napkins, silverware, the occasional tablecloth, and bottles of wine on a few of the tables for sale in their stalls. Chairs were methodically pulled up, and soon, those tables were surrounded by friends taking a lunch break together after a long morning of selling wares. It was slow and purposeful and warm--familiar faces sharing bread and tall tales on a Sunday. They'll probably do it all over again next weekend. I'm looking forward to finding out.



Hello, Zinc Home + Garden

I don't believe I'll ever stop loving shops like Zinc Home + Garden in cute-as-pie Lambertville, New Jersey. I think it's the combo of smart, museum-like collections of items (oftentimes grouped in bowls -- how I love things grouped in bowls!), the smell of antiques mixed with the new (a reminder of every home of every grandmother I ever had), and the fact that, if I am at a store like Zinc Home + Garden, it is probably a Sunday, I am probably with a friend, and we are probably amped up on tea and cookies (or hot chocolate and cake, take your pick).

Get more info on the store here.


Seoul's Mind-Blowing Dongdaemun Market

So, I'm going to be straight up: my photos of Seoul's legendary Dongdaemun Market simply don't do it justice. Not even close. The winding, if-you-want-it-here-it-is-come-and-get-it marketplace is a GIGANTIC place--much of it indoors, even--and I often felt a bit overwhelmed and a little claustrophobic, which kept my camera turned off a majority of the time.

However, I'm pretty sure that, even if I snapped every square inch of that neck of the woods, you still wouldn't get the total picture. Ooooh, the cool smells, the new tastes, the chance to try and buy almost anything you can imagine. Photo heaven! (You know, almost.)

All I'm saying is, next time you're in Seoul, be sure to go.


7 sites to bookmark¬†immediately

Want a few more deliciously lovely sites for gift-giving, home decor, and general fabulosity? (I mean, in case you didn't have enough already.) Hit up these must-bookmark online shops--some of my current faves.

1. CultureLabel:

Get picks from the best part of any museum: the gift shop. This Brit-based site offers products from over 70 of the world's leading museums, galleries, artists, and culture institutions.

2. You and Me, The Royal We:

A small collection with a mighty impact from three artsy boys in Brooklyn.

3. Merchant No. 4:

So chic I could scream. Unique objects from indie designers worldwide.

4. Gretel:

Pretty, modern home accessories and general cuteness. Even the swooshy-sweet little font of the logo will make you gush.

5. Rockett St George:

If I was a website instead of a person, I might consider being Rockett St George.

6. Envelop:

Fun, colorful "illustrated cotton" finds.

7. Matter:

If the yummy little aqua chair on the home page doesn't grab ya (that's theirs, above), I just don't know what will.


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