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Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain

Even though I've been in Brooklyn for about nine years, I didn't have a taste of the iconic Brooklyn-invented egg cream until just recently. To be honest, I was holding out--I've been in a few places outside of Brooklyn that served them (or some sort of tourist-y version of them), but I wanted to have an authentic experience in the big borough itself.

That experience finally came my way in the form of a trip with my girl Kristin (plus her sister and another girlfriend) to the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain in Carroll Gardens. Together, we ordered a few flavors, ranging from vanilla to maple, and even got a traditional side of pretzel rods (a random combo, but still quite charming).

So was it worth the wait? Well, hate to say it, but no. While the Brooklyn Farmacy itself is a true delight--adorable and retro with a staff of great folks running the joint--egg creams and I are admittedly never going to be BFFs. Its ingredients--milk, seltzer, and (chocolate U-Bet) syrup--should have been my first clue. (I am never a fan of anything that contains seltzer.) I was probably expecting more of a milkshake situation, and let's don't lie: in an ice-cream-and-milk vs. seltzer-and-milk conconction contest, ice cream is going to win out every time. Anything with seltzer in my book doesn't stand a chance.

The good news? Brooklyn Farmacy serves up a seemingly endless menu of other desserts (including milkshakes) that will definitely keep me coming back. Check out their menu here. Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain, 513 Henry Street (on the corner of Sackett Street), Brooklyn