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The Paris Journal from Obvious State: A Sneak Peek

This spring, I had the very good fortune to help edit a new book by my fellow-Paris-passage-dwellers and dear friends Nichole and Evan Robertson. It's smartly called "The Paris Journal."

And seriously, y'all, it is so good.

Editing it was one of those experiences where you got to see your friends at their finest--when you KNOW they're already great at something, but then you spend a focused amount of time on their project and you realize, "Damn. These people can REALLY WRITE."

Because they can. And it's done so well that it almost makes me mad. (You know, in a healthy, inspiring way.)

Now that I've spent a good amount of time experiencing this fair city, I can tell you that, within their essays and photos, Nichole and Evan have managed to capture precisely what it's like to explore a neighborhood in Paris.

I can also tell you that they spent a lot of time thinking and rethinking this story. I heard their across-the-globe iChat conversations. I talked to Nichole about it late at night while we were on different sides of the apartment, trying to convince ourselves it was time to sleep, but instead staying up and chatting away. As an editor and reader, I got to see its different versions evolve and change and get better at every turn.

The result is a funny, quirky, thoughtful collaboration--a wonderful book that I can't wait to add to my bookshelf (and Kindle; there's a version for that, too). I am proud to have been a small part of its creative process.

Cool thing is, Nichole and Evan made the first three chapters free to download. Check them out here. The ebook will be available April 29. The printed book will arrive in about four weeks. And there will be more in the series, so keep checking back for updates.

It's an awesome way to support creative folks and independent authors and storytellers who want to keep putting real, authentic content into the world. Because we need this stuff, you know? Go get it!

The Paris Plan - Achieved Today: Rule #12. Big time.


A tour of the Paris home office

When I was the editor of Lifework at Herman Miller, we did a ton of home-office tours. It was one of the most popular features on the blog--for some reason, folks really like to see where other folks work.

In that spirit, I thought I'd give you a glimpse of Obvious State headquarters, and the office Nichole and I share here in Paris. We're renting this flat, so it's furnished (smartly, sparingly) with pieces from IKEA, mostly. But the space itself is light, airy, and welcoming.

Though it's not really mine, I am starting to add personal touches to bring it to life. (I mean, hello, have we met? I can't resist styling it a LITTLE.) Mostly, I am displaying some flea-market finds from the several marchés I've been visiting. Nichole hasn't seen these yet, so I hope I get a little smile out of her when she gets back to the city later this week.

Speaking of my partner in crime, Nichole got me addicted to La Fermière yogurts on my very first day here. They come in terra cotta pots that I've repurposed as pen and pencil cups. The paper clip holder is also terra cotta--it contained a cheese I bought last week.

(Between us, the terra cotta pots are becoming a problem. I cannot throw them out...and I eat this stuff every day for breakfast. I am consuming the yogurt; it's cuteness is consuming me. But let's just agree not to discuss it right now, okay?)

And since writers need windows through which to gaze, dream, ponder, and whatever we do (spy...we clearly spy), this office provides the mother of all inspiration: two floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook the glass-covered passage we live within. Can't you see yourself writing the Next Great Novel with this view from your office window? (That's the plan, y'all.)

 The Paris Plan - Achieved Today: Rules #1, 2, 5, 7, 11.


Monday on the Menu Board

Okay, so, the menu board has been blank for a full two Mondays now. I don't know why. Nothing's moved me or popped out as vaguely interesting or made me sort of smile. Friday night, though, I had the pleasure of hanging with my friends Nichole and Evan -- and true to any visit with the Robertsons, the inspiration came immediately back. Those two are a fount of ideas and actions and art and all the stuff the M.B. and I dig.

To get us back on track, I pinned up this notecard from the Illustrated Quotation Project Nichole and Evan created via their beautifully smart Obvious State Studio. There's nothing like a good kick-in-the-pants Oscar Wilde quote to get you moving again, amIright? (Although this one from Hemingway and this one by e.e. cummings might have also done the trick.)


Still Reading: Paris in Color

Let's pretend like it's six months ago and I am posting regularly, being all good and talking about things that are cool and acting like I know stuff. Because I did know stuff six months ago. I was just sort of on hiatus. (You know why; let's not rehash it again today. Maybe tomorrow.)

Here's something that I DID know that I didn't get to share: my friend Nichole Robertson continues to be amazing. Back in the spring, her photos of Paris were published by Chronicle Books in a gorgeous gift of a book that's currently got a place of honor on my coffee table. Paris in Color is, to quote the back cover:

"A fresh, 'oh!'-inducing look at the palette of a city we only thought we knew. Paris in Color encourages us to think again."

(Now, if you can tell me who said that quote, I'll personally buy and send you a copy of this awesome book for YOUR coffee table. First person to leave the correct answer in my comments section wins. And if no one comments, I'm just buying another copy of the book for myself. It's that lovely.)

(Hint: It's not the quote by Holly Becker from Decor8, although she's hanging back there, too.)

Get your copy of the book here, and then be sure to take a quick stop by the Paris Print Shop. "Regarde le Ciel" is one of my favorite prints of all time!