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Monday on the Menu Board

Okay, so, the menu board has been blank for a full two Mondays now. I don't know why. Nothing's moved me or popped out as vaguely interesting or made me sort of smile. Friday night, though, I had the pleasure of hanging with my friends Nichole and Evan -- and true to any visit with the Robertsons, the inspiration came immediately back. Those two are a fount of ideas and actions and art and all the stuff the M.B. and I dig.

To get us back on track, I pinned up this notecard from the Illustrated Quotation Project Nichole and Evan created via their beautifully smart Obvious State Studio. There's nothing like a good kick-in-the-pants Oscar Wilde quote to get you moving again, amIright? (Although this one from Hemingway and this one by e.e. cummings might have also done the trick.)

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Aw, so happy to see this here! Thank you.

September 26, 2013 | Unregistered Commenternichole

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