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Smart Ways to Wake Up the Wall 

Don't you dig it when someone hangs up something that isn't just a painting or a print?

Check out a few pieces that have inspired me recently. These top two photos are from the Boat House bar that I mentioned last week (old pennants and badges in frames--always a fan). The third pic of lace in a glass frame is from my boy Danny Seo's cottage (would be amazing to frame my great-great-grandmother's lace like this--Mom, take note!). And lastly, the necklace of hotel soaps is another Seo stroke of genius (it's also featured his new book Upcycling). It was hanging in the guest bathroom in his main house. Is there anything cuter?


Could Be Cool: Rorschach Blots asĀ Art

I'm constantly on the lookout for interesting things to frame as art, particularly if I can group them into a series (see my earlier posts on Eames lounge chairs and maps). And even before I was introduced to the coolness that is the graphic novel Watchmen, I've always thought that framing and hanging antique Rorschach Test ink blots would be a weird, conversation-starting sort of project.

They're not too easy to find online...they sometimes pop up on eBay and I've seen them here. That's because of the debate on the ethics of showing psychological tests like these to the public. And yeah, I get that. But come on! Wouldn't these be cool framed in good old-fashioned Ribba frames from IKEA and hanging on your living or dining room wall?





Image source: Wikipedia