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The Paris Plan:

1. Create every day.

2. There is Paris outside your window.

3. Listen. (No earbuds!)

4. Exercise.

5. Eat.

6. Don't freak if you gain 5 lbs.

7. Speak French daily.

8. Don't buy into the fantasy.

9. Don't forget the men.

10. Leave the city sometimes.

11. Know your numbers.

12. Read lit about Paris.

13. Wear the right shoes.

14. Embrace the unexpected.

15. Sometimes forget the rules.


Shedd and/or Hopper on the Menu Board

I've seen this quote attributed to both William Shedd and Rear Admiral Grace Hopper of the US Navy.

No, I don't know who they are. But I like what they both possibly said.


Cos on the Menu Board

A quote by Bill Cosby, who should totally show up on the menu board more often. P.S. In the meantime, listen to this old routine by the good doctor from a record I used to play on repeat, way before his Huxtable days.


Countdown on the Menu Board

Oh good heavens, I can't wait to share news with you about what I'm currently working on. More to come, but let's just say that my new most-used iPad app is Duolingo.



Roosevelt on the Menu Board

As in Theodore.


Kerouac on the Menu Board

A quote by Jack Kerouac and my motto for the week.

And P.S. for you grammar nerds, I didn't have a comma to place after "bless," so let's pretend he used a serial comma in this one. Deal?

P.S.S. Why didn't my dang letter collection come with more than three commas? That's insanity.


Truth on the Menu Board

I lifted this week's inspiration directly from the Twitter profile of Deborah Morrison, a professor from my graduate school days and still a major force in my creative life, whether she knows it or not.