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Almost the Real Thing: Eames-chair Art

My favorite piece of furniture is an Eames molded plywood coffee table—a little reward I bought myself after a freelance gig. It sits in my small studio in the small space that I’ve carved out as my “living room.” It holds stacks of unread magazines, hard-back books, and mismatched coasters. It also, more often than not, acts as my dining table.

To reward it for its efforts, I’d love to buy it its accompanying Eames molded plywood lounge chair. But alas…studio apartments aren’t known for being spacious. Therefore, I’m thinking of hanging a little art collection of the chairs nearby, just to keep the table company. Here’s a glimpse of what I’m considering, thanks to etsy.com.


Eames Chair on on pine wood by thebeeskneesdesigns


Plywood Eames Chair linocut by PerlaAnne


Red Plywood Chair Notes by annacote


Home Sweet Home print by JennSki


Modern Eames Chair print by papelouette


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