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Three Coats of "Yellow Rain Coat" and Counting

I've been a little MIA for the past couple of days because of the below wooden stool and a paint color called "Yellow Rain Coat." (I mean, leave it to a piece of furniture and a cleverly written name to keep me overly occupied.)

I wrote about this project a few weeks back, when I was debating what color to paint my collection of letter As. And while I'm still battling THAT whole issue, I have really been noticing how tired I am of this boring old dark-stained Pottery Barn stool collecting dust in my bathroom. So, while snooping around my neighborhood hardware store over the weekend for some new light bulbs, I stumbled upon Benjamin Moore's color samples. And oh, the rainbow goodness!

I had recently received a great tip on Twitter (thanks, @Sophiedow) that these mini pots are a perfect for use in smaller paint projects like mine. So after eyeballing the yellow section (I was originally intending to use a tasteful canary yellow), I came upon "Yellow Rain Coat." And then it was on.

Now, I am lots of things. But I am not terribly crafty. So I just bought the items I thought I'd need for this project: two paint samples, a spongy paintbrush thingy, and also a sandpaper thingy. (Because wasn't I supposed to do that?)

(Well, it doesn't matter or not, because I did.)

And then I starting painting. And also remembering: Aren't you supposed to prime things before you paint them, particularly if they're dark to begin with, and you'd like them to be lighter?

Ahhh yes. And that's probably why there are dark spots immediately showing through the Yellow Rain Coat.

Here's the old girl after one coat. Dark spots and all.

Three coats later, she's shaping up nicely. There's still a few dark places I'd like to cover, so it looks like she'll be gettin' one more coat tonight. And for the record, it's been a fun being temporarily crafty. But I won't lie: I am still undecided whether this freshened-up piece of my apartment is looks chic, or if it just looks like it belongs in the designated children's area of a McDonald's restaurant. (French fries, anyone?)