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Hello, and now I'm living in Paris.

A few days ago, I moved to Paris. It's a temporary move -- just three months long -- but I have grand plans for my time here. I can't quite go into the "whys" just yet, but it has to do with writing projects and exploring the city and finding ways to make things happen. I'm sharing an apartment with Nichole Robertson of Obvious State and I am currently caught in a whirlwind of map-reading, idea-creating, language-interpreting, and butter-spreading.

Nothing could be better. Nothing at all.

I'll have lots of things to tell you about soon, but I wanted to share a few photos I took on my first walk around the neighborhood without Nichole as my guide. Truthfully, I got a little lost. But I'm finding that getting lost might be the best way to figure out where I really am.


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