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Smart Ways to Wake Up the Wall 

Don't you dig it when someone hangs up something that isn't just a painting or a print?

Check out a few pieces that have inspired me recently. These top two photos are from the Boat House bar that I mentioned last week (old pennants and badges in frames--always a fan). The third pic of lace in a glass frame is from my boy Danny Seo's cottage (would be amazing to frame my great-great-grandmother's lace like this--Mom, take note!). And lastly, the necklace of hotel soaps is another Seo stroke of genius (it's also featured his new book Upcycling). It was hanging in the guest bathroom in his main house. Is there anything cuter?


The Boat House, Lambertville, NJ

For the first time ever, I have been utterly and completely inspired by a bar.

Witness: the interior of this nautically delicious spot in Lambertville, NJ. Oh, how I love a theme!


Escape from Brooklyn: Buck's County, PA

You know what makes my face melt in home-decor happiness? My friend Danny Seo's home in Buck's County, PA. He was kind enough to host my girl Sonal and me for a little visit over the long weekend, and I think I spent 50% of my time with my camera around my neck, exploring every nook and cranny of his magical, thoughtfully designed space (parts of which are featured in his new book Upcycling).

I sort of want to live in his brain. (And also his kitchen. And his workspace. And his living room.)


Can you name this NYC neighborhood?

Here's a hint: it's a nabe that usually doesn't feel very inspiring. At least not to me. But as I was walking around it yesterday, it sort of whispered to me--and suddenly it made my camera wake up wake up wake up (which is weird because my camera is actually somewhat on the fritz) (I know! I can't even deal; let's don't discuss it).

Do you recognize this neighborhood?

I'll give 100 points to the person who can name it correctly. And whatever, maybe I'll throw a prize in there, too.

Leave a comment and let me know!

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